To become more efficient, you must plan to become more efficient. Planning will allow you to break the momentum of the day-to-day that keeps you stuck in the "getting by". Sound planning will allow you to identify the required enabling and process changes that will lead to successful project implementation. And, sound planning will ensure your efforts are aligned with the benefits you are trying to achieve, and those benefits support your mission.

Enabling changes are changes that basically occur once, like the roll-out of a new computer program, or a change in policy or procedure.

Implementing enabling changes allows or "enables", process changes to occur. Process changes, are just that, changes in processes. They're when employees or customers do things new, different, or stop doing something.

When positive process changes occur, benefits are derived.

Benefits, support your mission.

Enabling Changes Process Changes Benefits Mission
Build a Web-Site New customers start the web-site to purchase your goods. You recieve more orders. Your company makes more profits.

This link of Enabling Changes -> Process Changes -> Benefits -> Mission can be described as a Benefits Dependency Network. A Benefits Dependency Network illustrates that benefits that support your mission are dependent on change.

Good project planning makes it clear that changes which have benefits that support your mission are the desired outcome. And those benefits are the measure of project success.


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