In the "Who Controls Business Process Improvement" article, shares the advice of three IT executives who are successfully leading BPM (the practice of continually optimizing business processes through analysis, modeling and monitoring—as a systematic approach for solving business problems and helping them meet their financial goals) inside their companies.

Key Quotes:
There’s no reason why IT can’t lead BPM, he adds. “The question is whether they’ll be allowed to by the rest of the organization.”
You have to have patience, a game plan, a vision, and be in a position to articulate what’s at the end of this and why it’s worth going through.”
“I know many companies that have successful, IT-driven BPM initiatives and that’s because their goal was always to serve the business and to collaborate with the business, not to define the latest, greatest, coolest technologies,”
CIOs can successfully drive BPM if they encourage collaboration and understand the needs, concerns, pain points and existing processes of the business.
Looking to the future...CIOs have to become more proactive in business process management. It’s in their best interest to do so because BPM is at the center of so much IT activity.


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