Focusing on Efficiency is about making a concerted effort to utilize our limited resources to the best possible advantage to accomplish our mission. Sounds good right, but how? Over the next several posts I’ll be laying out a Plan-Decide-Implement-Review-Repeat framework you can use to help your organization use your limited resources to the best possible advantage to accomplish your mission – to help you focus on efficiency.

Focus on Efficiency Framework

In the Plan phase, you’ll build a realistic business case, consensus for change, and a holistic guide for project implementation. You’ll Plan to become more efficient by working toward an established goal or by taking advantage of some new opportunity.

In the Decide phase, you’ll decide if the project is doable.

In Implement, you’ll implement your plans using traditional project management techniques, but always with an eye on the stated and planned for benefits of the project.

When you Review, you’ll determine if the planned for benefits were obtained. If benefits weren’t fully realized, you’ll identify why, and determine how and if those benefits can now be realized.

After your project is implemented your organization will be at higher plateau. Maybe you bought a new computer server or maybe you have a deeper level of knowledge of customer needs. Through previous successful project implementation, your organization may have freed up resources which can now be applied to other priorities. Seeing that new level of capability as an opportunity, you’ll Repeat the process asking, “What else is now possible?”

Utilizing the Plan-Decide-Implement-Review-Repeat framework will help your organization break the momentum of the day-to-day, and to overcome likes and dislikes, prejudices and stereotypes that keep you from considering alternatives. The Plan-Decide-Implement-Review framework is a roadmap to help your organization focus on efficiency. When you Plan, Decide, Implement, Review, and Repeat, you are Focusing on Efficiency.


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